Volume 7: January 2013 - December 2013


Equivariant and invariant theory of nets of conics with an application to Thom polynomials 1
M. Domokos, L.M. Fehér, and R. Rimányi
ERRATUM: Milnor Fibrations and the Thom Property for maps f \bar g 21
Anne Pichon and José Seade
Exchange between perverse and weight filtration for the Hilbert schemes of points of two surfaces 23
Mark Andrea A. de Cataldo, Tamás Hausel, and Luca Migliorini
The Multiplicity Polar Theorem, Collections of 1-forms and Chern Numbers 39
Terence Gaffney and Nivaldo G. Grulha, Jr.
Topological Invariants and Moduli of Gorenstein Singularities 61
Sergey Natanzon and Anna Pratoussevitch
Briançon-Speder examples and the failure of weak Whitney regularity 88
Karim Bekka and David Trotman
On the classification of rational surface singularities 108
Jan Stevens
Hodge-theoretic splitting mechanisms for projective maps 134
Mark Andrea A. de Cataldo
Cycles évanescents algébriques et topologiques par un morphisme sans pente 157
Philippe Maisonobe
On a singular variety associated to a polynomial mapping 190
Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy, Anna Valette, and Guillaume Valette
The universal abelian cover of a graph manifold 205
Helge Møller Pedersen
Milnor fibers of real line arrangements 220
Masahiko Yoshinaga
Arc spaces of cA-type singularities 238
Jennifer M. Johnson and János Kollár
Adjoint divisors and free divisors 253
David Mond and Mathias Schulze
Genericity of Caustics on a corner 275
Takaharu Tsukada

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