About us

The Journal of Singularities is a publication of the Worldwide Center of Mathematics, LLC. The Worldwide Center of Mathematics is a for-profit organization, that has many aspects of a non-profit organization. In particular, we publish the Journal of Singularities, and provide access to it, free of charge. We also record, and place on the Web, research lectures, given before live audiences, in our studio classroom; we make these videos available at no cost to the viewer.

In order to fund the Center, and to expand our activities in the future, we rely on video-textbook sales (at low prices), licensing deals with institutions and publishers, donations, investors, and advertising revenue. Our goal is to grow to the point where we can fund additional activities, such as: in-office tutorials and review sessions for undergraduates in the Greater Boston area, 24/7 video-chat tutoring, postdoctoral research positions (including office space), hosting of mathematics research conferences, and adding more Worldwide journals.