Volume 13:
Geometry and Topology of Singular Spaces
Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2012
in honour of David Trotman
for his 60th birthday
Luminy- Marseille, France


Preface i
Editors: K. Bekka, N. Dutertre, C. Murolo, A. du Plessis, S. Simon, G. Valette

On the bi-Lipschitz contact equivalence of plane complex function-germs 1
Lev Birbrair, Alexandre Fernandes, Vincent Grandjean

Deformation of singularities and additive invariants 11
Georges Comte

Semi-Coherence for Semianalytic Sets and Stratifications and Singularity Theory of Mappings on Stratifications 42
James Damon

A long and winding road to definable sets 57
Zofia Denkowska and Maciej P. Denkowski

Stratified critical points on the real Milnor fibre and integral-geometric formulas 87
Nicolas Dutertre

Stratifications of Inertia Spaces of Compact Lie Group Actions 107
Carla Farsi, Markus J. Pflaum, Christopher Seaton

On stratified Morse theory: from topology to constructible sheaves 141
Helmut A. Hamm

Cross-ratios of quadrilateral linkages 159
Giorgi Khimshiashvili and Dirk Siersma

(SSP) geometry with directional homeomorphisms 169
Satoshi Koike and Laurentiu Paunescu

Stratified Submersions and Condition (D) 179
Claudio Murolo

Du tumulus au gradient horizontal 205
Patrice Orro

Quantization of Whitney functions and reduction 217
M. J. Pflaum, H. Posthuma, and X. Tang

The Nash problem and its solution: a survey 229
Camille Plénat and Mark Spivakovsky