Editorial process

After a paper is submitted to an Associate Editor, an initial determination will be made as to whether or not the topic(s) in the paper, and/or the overall written state of the paper, are appropriate for an article published by the Journal of Singularities. If an article is deemed to be inappropriate, the author will be promptly notified. Otherwise, the Associate Editor will acknowledge receipt of the paper, and will attempt to find a suitable referee for the paper; if no referee can be found, the Associate Editor will contact the author, and ask whether he/she would like for the Associate Editor to continue trying to locate a suitable referee.

After a referee accepts a paper for review, that referee will be asked to generate a report within an amount of time determined by the length of paper and possible other factors. If the referee does not report within the allotted time, and if the Associate Editor believes that the referee is unlikely to complete his/her report within a reasonable extended period, the Associate Editor will contact the author, and ask how the author would like to proceed: the options being that the referee can be given more time, the paper can been sent to another referee, or the paper can be withdrawn.

After the referee's report is received by the Associate Editor, the Associate Editor will notify and consult with the Managing Editors, who will determine whether to accept, reject, or request modifications before acceptance. If modifications are required, the author will given a reasonable period of time in which to make the necessary changes. The referee will then have additional time to reevaluate the modified paper. The final decision to accept or reject a paper for publication will be made by the Managing Editors. Once a paper is accepted and is in its final form, upon receipt of the LaTeX sources files and graphics files (pdf's, not eps files), the Journal of Singularities will publish the paper on its Web site promptly.

The process for Editors to publish in the Journal is the same as above, with the following modifications. A paper submitted by an Editor must be sent to another Editor, who will then send the paper to two referees, and Managing Editors who submit papers will be excluded from the final decision process.