Volume 11: January 2015 - December 2015


On real anti-bicanonical curves with one double point on the 4-th real Hirzebruch surface 1
Sachiko Saito
Resonant bands, Aomoto complex, and real 4-nets 33
Michele Torielli and Masahiko Yoshinaga
On the Łojasiewicz exponents of quasi-homogeneous functions 52
Alain Haraux and Tien Son Phạm
L^2-Riemann-Roch for singular complex curves 67
Jean Ruppenthal and Martin Sera
Symmetries and stabilization for sheaves of vanishing cycles 85
Christopher Brav, Vittoria Bussi, Delphine Dupont, Dominic Joyce,
and Balázs Szendrői, with an Appendix by Jörg Schürmann
The punctual Hilbert schemes for the curve singularities of type A_{2d} 152
Yoshiki Sōma and Masahiro Watari
Families of distributions and Pfaff systems under duality 164
Federico Quallbrunn
Free divisors in a pencil of curves 190
Jean Vallès

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