Volume 12:
Singularities in Geometry and Applications III,
2-6 September 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland


Preface i
Editors: Jean-Paul Brasselet, Peter Giblin, Victor Goryunov

Quasi Cusp Singularities 1
Fawaz Alharbi

A note on the Mond conjecture and crosscap concatenations 19
Catiana Casonatto and Raúl Oset Sinha

Geometry of D_4 conformal triality and singularities of tangent surfaces 27
Goo Ishikawa, Yoshinori Machida, and Masatomo Takahashi

The theory of graph-like Legendrian unfoldings and its applications 53
Shyuichi Izumiya

Aperture of plane curves 80
Daisuke Kagatsume and Takashi Nishimura

Some conjectures on stratified-algebraic vector bundles 92
Wojciech Kucharz

Albanese varieties of abelian covers 105
Anatoly Libgober

Complete transversals of symmetric vector fields 124
Miriam Manoel and Iris de Oliveira Zeli

Equivariant Hirzebruch class for quadratic cones via degenerations 131
Małgorzata Mikosz and Andrzej Weber

Some Open Problems in the Theory of Singularities of Mappings 141
David Mond

The bilipschitz geometry of the A_k surface singularities 156
Donal O'Shea

On the smoothings of non-normal isolated surface singularities 164
Patrick Popescu-Pampu

Extremal configurations of robot arms in three dimensions 180
Dirk Siersma

Simple curve singularities 191
Jan Stevens

Singularities for normal hypersurfaces of de Sitter timelike curves in Minkowski 4-space 207
Yongqiao Wang and Donghe Pei