Volume 8: January 2014 - December 2014


On Milnor classes via invariants of singular subschemes 1
James Fullwood
Intersection Theory on Abelian-Quotient V-Surfaces and Q-Resolutions 11
Enrique Artal Bartolo, Jorge Martín-Morales, and Jorge Ortigas-Galindo
On the number of populations of critical points of master functions 31
Evgeny Mukhin and Alexander Varchenko
Singularity links with exotic Stein fillings 39
Anar Akhmedov and Burak Ozbagci
Degenerations of invariant Lagrangian manifolds 50
Mauricio Garay
Singularities of complex vector fields having many closed orbits 69
Bruno Scárdua
Weight filtration on the cohomology of complex analytic spaces 83
Joana Cirici and Francisco Guillén
Roots of characteristic polynomials and intersection points of line arrangements 100
Takuro Abe
Potentially Du Bois spaces 117
Patrick Graf and Sándor J. Kovács
The punctual Hilbert schemes for the curve singularities of types E_6 and E_8 135
Yoshiki Sōma and Masahiro Watari
Polarizations on limiting mixed Hodge structures 146
Taro Fujisawa

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