Volume 6:
Proceedings of the Workshop on Singularities in Geometry and Applications, Będlewo, 5 – 21 May 2011


In Memoriam: Ian R. Porteous
Peter Giblin

Preface i
Editors: Peter Giblin, Stanisłaus Janeczko, Carmen Romero-Fuster

A local but not global attractor for a Z_n-symmetric map 1
B. Alarcón, S. B. S. D. Castro, and I. S. Labouriau

Topological K and A equivalences of polynomial functions 15
L. Birbrair and J. J. Nuño-Ballesteros

Zero-dimensional symplectic isolated complete intersection singularities 19
Wojciech Domitrz

Multiplicities of degenerations of matrices and mixed volumes of Cayley polyhedra 27
Alexander Esterov

Classification of curves on surfaces and free links via homotopy theory of words and phrases 37
Tomonori Fukunaga

Singularities of Tangent Varieties to Curves and Surfaces 54
Goo Ishikawa

Pedal foliations and Gauss maps of hypersurfaces in Euclidean space 84
Shyuichi Izumiya and Masatomo Takahashi

Local Classification of Constrained Hamiltonian Systems on 2-Manifolds 98
Konstantinos Kourliouros

Topological triviality of families of map germs from R^2 to R^2 112
J.A. Moya-Pérez and J. J. Nuño-Ballesteros

A conjecture on the Łojasiewicz exponent 124
Szymon Brzostowski, Tadeusz Krasiński and Grzegorz Oleksik

Propagations from a space curve in three space with indicatrix a surface 131
Graham M. Reeve and Vladimir M. Zakalyukin

Singularities of Abel-Jacobi maps and geometry of dissolving vortices 146
Nuno M. Romão

Symplectic W_8 and W_9 singularities 158
Żaneta Trębska

On bi-Lipschitz stability of families of functions 179
Guillaume Valette