Volume 9:
Algebraic Methods in Geometry: Commutative and Homological Algebra in Foliations and Singularities; School and conference in honor of Xavier Gómez-Mont on the occasion of his 60th birthday; CIMAT, Guanajuato, México, Aug. 22-Sept. 2, 2011


Preface i
Editors: Pedro Luis del Angel, Laura Ortiz-Bobadilla, José Seade, and Alberto Verjovsky

The homological index and the De Rham complex on singular varieties 1
A.G. Aleksandrov

Jacobian mates for non-singular polynomial maps in C^n with one-dimensional fibers 27
Alvaro Bustinduy, Luis Giraldo, and Jesús Muciño-Raymundo

Vector fields tangent to foliations and blow-ups 43
F. Cano and C. Roche

Formes logarithmiques et feuilletages non dicritiques 50
Dominique Cerveau

Varieties of complexes and foliations 56
Fernando Cukierman

Representations of some lattices into the group of analytic diffeomorphisms of the sphere S^2 68
Julie Déserti

Riemann-Roch Theory on finite sets 75
Rodney James and Rick Miranda

Foliations with a Morse center 82
A. Lins Neto

On smooth deformations of foliations with singularities 101
A. Mafra, B. Scárdua, and J. Seade

Index of singularities of real vector fields on singular hypersurfaces 111
Pavao Mardešić

Topology of singular holomorphic foliations along a compact divisor 122
David Marín and Jean-François Mattei

Webs and singularities 151
Isao Nakai

Formal and analytic normal forms of germs of holomorphic nondicritic foliations 168
L. Ortiz-Bobadilla, E. Rosales-González, and S. M. Voronin

Strong topological invariance of the monodromy group at infinity for quadratic vector fields 193
Valente Ramírez

Solenoidal Manifolds 203
Dennis Sullivan

GSV-indices as residues 206
Tatsuo Suwa

Hypersurfaces in P^5 containing unexpected subvarieties 219
I. Vainsencher

On the geometry and arithmetic of infinite translation surfaces 226
Ferrán Valdez and Gabriela Weitze-Schmithüsen

Commentaries on the paper "Solenoidal Manifolds" by Dennis Sullivan 245
Alberto Verjovsky