Geometry and Topology of String Junctions

Antonella Grassi, James Halverson, and Julius L. Shaneson

Journal of Singularities
volume 15 (2016), 36-52

Received: 24 October 2014. Received in revised form: 4 March 2015.

DOI: 10.5427/jsing.2016.15c

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We study elliptic fibrations by analyzing suitable deformations of the fibrations and vanishing cycles. We introduce geometric string junctions and describe some of their properties. We show how the geometric string junctions manifest the structure of the Lie algebra of the Dynkin diagrams associated to the singularities of the elliptic fibration. One application in physics is in F-theory, where our novel approach connecting deformations and Lie algebras describes the structure of generalized type IIB seven-branes and string junction states which end on them.

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Antonella Grassi James Halverson Julius L. Shaneson
Department of Mathematics Department of Physics Department of Mathematics
University of Pennsylvania Northeastern University University of Pennsylvania
David Rittenhouse Laboratory Boston, MA 02115, USA David Rittenhouse Laboratory
Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA
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